With 14 Waterfalls, This Is The Ultimate Guide To The Best Waterfalls In Sri Lanka!

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Ramboda Falls Sri Lanka

With over 400 waterfalls recorded in Sri Lanka, the country offers a plethora of breathtaking waterfalls to offer visitors. Because of the island’s rugged terrain, the majority of its waterfalls can be located in the island’s central highlands. The natural pools in some of them are perfect for soaking in, while others are more tucked away and can only be seen from a distance. A drone, on the other hand, allows for closer proximity to the subject.

In Sri Lanka, there is even a waterfall where you may take a bath at the top of the falls! Due to the fact that it is very impossible to see all of Sri Lanka’s waterfalls, you will discover in this posting the greatest 14 waterfalls in Sri Lanka, listed in acending order of their highest from the sea level.

1. Bambarakanda Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Bambarakanda Falls

With a height of 263 meters, the Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka in the world. The waterfall, which is located near Kalupahana and is generated by one of the Walawe rivers, is a popular tourist destination.

Although there is no access to the bottom pool, the stunning largest waterfall in Sri Lanka may be seen from a little road that winds its way up the hill and around the corner. Bambarakanda Falls is at its most spectacular after a rain, but getting to it is considerably more difficult owing to the muck.

2. Diyaluma Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Diyaluma Falls Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Falls, with a height of 220 meters, is the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the highest in the country’s southern region. It is conveniently positioned directly next to the road, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of this waterfall without difficulty.

However, for those who are very adventurous, there is the option of hiking up to the upper waterfall, where you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the surrounding hills. Because the waterfall has several levels and pools, you may cool off after your climb by taking a plunge in one of them. This was a fantastic excursion for half a day!

3. Laxapana Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Laxapana Falls Sri Lanka

Located near the town of Hatton in the Nuwara Eliya area, the Laxapana waterfall is a lovely and gorgeous waterfall with a lot of water.

It is the eighth tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and ranks as the 625th highest waterfall in the world, thanks to its 126 meter height difference! After hiking down the well-maintained stairs to the bottom of the falls, you may cool down in the spectacular natural plunge pool at the foot of the falls.

When the water thunders down, the force with which it does so is remarkable, and the resulting silvery foam makes the waterfall extremely picturesque. These are without a doubt some of our favorite waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

4. Ramboda Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Ramboda Falls Sri Lanka

The Ramboda waterfalls are the 11th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, measuring 109 meters in height. This spectacular waterfall, located deep within Sri Lanka’s hill region and bordering an emerald forest, is a must-see for anybody traveling through the nation.

From the road, you can view the middle portion of the Ramboda waterfalls easily. However, if you want to experience the waterfall’s full force and height, you may do so by following the route that leads from the Ramboda Falls Hotel to the foot of the cascade.

Another alternative is to make the ascent to the summit, which provides superb views of the upper portion and surrounding woodlands. To go to the top of the falls, you’ll have to pay a nominal entrance charge.

5. Aberdeen Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Aberdeen Falls Sri Lanka

In the Nuwara Eliya area, the Aberdeen Falls are located roughly 2 hours away from the town of Nuwara Eliya and may be reached by car or by foot. The Aberdeen Falls are tucked away in the bush, and it takes around 20 minutes to walk to the foot of the falls through a magnificent jungle trail.

With a height of 98 meters and breathtaking surroundings, this waterfall is one of the must-see attractions in Sri Lanka for nature and waterfall enthusiasts!

6. Devon Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Devon Falls Sri Lanka

The 97-meter-high Devon Falls are also directly adjacent to the road that connects Nuwara Eliya with Hatton; you only have to take a little side road that is 5 minutes off the main route to get there from the main road.

Despite the fact that the waterfall is difficult to view from the road, there is an opportunity to climb to the foot of the Devon Falls through the nearby tea garden. Consult with the locals to determine the most direct route.

Take a walk along a trail that runs beside the temple and you can see the Falls from a distance. In addition, if you have a drone, you may still appreciate the Devon Falls, although from afar on your computer screen!

7. St. Clair’s Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - St. Clair's Falls Sri Lanka

The St Clair’s Falls, which are formed by the Maha and Kuda falls, are located between the tea estates of Nuwara Eliya and are a popular tourist attraction. It is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka and has a height of 80 meters, making it the tallest in the country.

The St Clair’s Falls are sometimes referred to as the ‘Little Niagara of Sri Lanka’ because of its size. I’m sure the waterfalls are even more impressive during the rainy season, but there wasn’t much water when we were there. A beautiful waterfall that can be readily accessed while traveling from Nuwara Eliya to Hatton since the viewpoint is conveniently positioned right next to the road. It is a must-see while traveling between the two cities.

Additionally, a small cafe is available for refreshments and light snacks on-site. St Clair’s Falls is without a doubt one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya, and it is a must-see.

8. Dunhinda Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Dunhinda Falls Sri Lanka

The Dunhinda Falls, which were formed by a diversion of the Badulu Oya River, are well renowned for the smoky mist that surrounds them. With a height of 64 meters, it is not the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful! Dunhinda Falls is located 30 kilometers distant from Ella and requires a 1.5-kilometer walk from the entrance gate to reach the cascade. The waterfall is accessible by car or on foot.

Nature lovers will like the trek itself, which is particularly appealing to those who are interested in animals. You will get the opportunity to witness a variety of bird species, butterflies, monkeys, and even deer!

Because the waterfall will have higher volume and strength during the rainy season, the ideal time to witness it is from November to March during the rainy season. This will result in more spray as well!

9. Ravana Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Ravana Falls Sri Lanka

The Ravana Falls are located in the foggy highlands of Ella, Sri Lanka, and are accessible by a dirt road from the town. This waterfall drops 25 meters from an oval concave rock, gushing down the side of the cliff.

Ravana Falls is a three-tiered cascading waterfall that creates rock pools as it cascades down the mountain. In the rainy season, Ravana Falls takes on the appearance of a drooping areca flower, but during the dry season, the waterfall’s vast expanse is much diminished.

Despite the fact that it is always worthwhile to check out this waterfall when you’re in Ella, especially given the ease with which it can be reached.

10. Bopath Ella.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Bopath Ella Sri Lanka

Bopath Ella, with its 30 meter height, is one of the smallest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, but it is nevertheless a sight to see due of its unique shape. The term Bopath is derived from the word bo leaf.

The Bo tree is considered to be the sacred tree of Buddhism, and as such, it is extremely important in Sri Lanka. Bopath Ella is shaped like a Bo leaf, with a shallow little stream that widens up to a broader fall as it nears the bottom of the waterfall.

Because it is located in a hamlet adjacent to the mining town of Rathnapura, Bopath Ella is a relatively simple place to visit. Swimming at the base pool of the Bopath Ella waterfall is feasible and completely safe.

11. Mohini Falls.

There is no way to miss the Mohini Falls, which are positioned right along the road on your approach to Adam’s Peak. Located beneath the Hatton – Nallathanniya Road, the 30-meter-high waterfall empties into the Maskeliya Reservoir.

Mohini Falls, like the other waterfalls in Sri Lanka, is best visited after or during the rainy season, just like the others. Because we went to the Mohini Falls on a wet day, the cascade was very forceful and spectacular to witness!

12. Lover’s Leap Waterfall.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Lover's Leap Waterfall Sri Lanka

The Lover’s Leap waterfall is located in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, and is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and luxuriant flora. Although it is just 30 meters in height, this waterfall is a stunning little yet gorgeous waterfall that provides panoramic views of tea plantations and the town of Nuwara Eliya.

You may either go to the top of the waterfall through the Pedro Tea Factory and take in the sweeping views of Nuwara Eliya’s countryside, or you can stand back and appreciate the Falls from a distance as they cascade down the mountain.

The romantic Lover’s Leap waterfall in Nuwara Eliya is a must-see site in the area, and it is well worth the trip!

13. Sri Padha And Moray Falls.

Both of these waterfalls flow into the Maudsakelle reservoir, however they are difficult to see from the roadside. In addition, there is a viewpoint along the road for Sri Padha waterfall, and if you have a drone, you may get some stunning images from one or both waterfalls as well as from the roadside.

Moray Falls, which feeds the same Maskeliya Reservoir as Sri Pada Falls, is located several hundred meters distant from the latter. Both waterfalls are around 25 metres high and are well worth a visit on your trip to or from Adam’s Peak if you have the opportunity.

14. Bakers Falls.

waterfalls in Sri Lanka - Bakers Falls Sri Lanka

A series of little streams cascade down the rocks to form one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Baker’s Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. A short stroll through the Horton Plains national park will bring you to an easy-to-reach waterfall that is also magnificent to see.

It is important to remember that once it rains, the entire terrain becomes extremely slippery. So put on your nicest hiking shoes and you’re ready to go exploring! With lush foliage and a profusion of ferns and rhododendrons, the Horton Plains national park is a sight to see.

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