The Definitive Guide To The 12 Best Waterfalls In The Nuwara Eliya Region.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - St. Clair's Falls Sri Lanka

There have been around 400 waterfalls documented in Sri Lanka, therefore the country has a great deal of stunning waterfalls to offer. The majority of them are concentrated in the island’s middle and central highlands. As a result, we put up this comprehensive list that includes the top Nuwara Eliya waterfalls that you just must visit. Some of the waterfalls in the Nuwara Eliya area have a natural pool that visitors may swim in, while others are more hidden and can only be viewed from a distance. You may also go closer to them if you have a drone and fly it closer to the ground. At the very top, there is even a waterfall with a pool for you to swim in! Read more about the most beautiful waterfalls in the Nuwara Eliya area of Sri Lanka in this blog article!

1. Laxapana Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Laxapana Falls Sri Lanka

The Laxapana Waterfall is a very magnificent and photogenic waterfall that can be seen in the Nuwara Eliya area close to the town of Hatton. Laxapana Falls is the eighth tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and ranks as the 625th highest waterfall in the world with its height of 126 meters. After making your way down the well-maintained stairs, you may have a refreshing swim in the breathtaking natural pool that is located at the base of the waterfalls. The force with which the water crashes down is remarkable, and it creates a foam that is silvery in color, making the waterfall an excellent subject for photographs. We consider this to be without a doubt one of the most stunning waterfalls in the Nuwara Eliya area.

2. Aberdeen Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Aberdeen Falls Sri Lanka

From the town of Nuwara Eliya, it is possible to reach the Aberdeen Falls, which are situated in the Nuwara Eliya area, after traveling for around two hours. It is possible to reach the foot of the Aberdeen Falls through a very short hike that takes around twenty minutes to complete. The Falls themselves are delightfully hidden away in the bush. This is one of the waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya that nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy waterfalls shouldn’t miss out on seeing because of its height of 98 meters and its magnificent surrounds.

3. Ravana Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Ravana Falls Sri Lanka

Along the route that winds through the misty highlands of Ella in Sri Lanka is where you’ll find the Ravana Falls. The water crashes to the ground from a height of 25 meters after falling from an oval concave rock. Ravana Falls is a three-tiered cascading waterfall that, as it descends, creates rock pools along its path. Ravana Falls takes the shape of a drooping areca flower during the rainy season, but during the dry season, its wide size is drastically decreased. Although it is never a waste of time to check out this waterfall when you’re in Ella, especially considering how convenient it is to get there.

4. Ramboda Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Ramboda Falls Sri Lanka

With a height of 109 meters, the Ramboda Falls are the 11th tallest waterfall in all of Sri Lanka. The Ramboda Falls are an incredible natural attraction that can be found in the heart of Sri Lanka’s highlands and are encompassed on all sides by verdant forest. The road provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the middle half of the Ramboda Falls. The Ramboda Falls Hotel is the starting point for the trail that leads to the foot of the waterfall, which you may take if you wish to experience the full force and height of the cascade. Another alternative is to climb to the summit, where one will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the higher area and the trees that surround it. To go to the top of the falls, there is a modest charge that you have to pay.

5. Bakers Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Bakers Falls Sri Lanka

One of the most expansive waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Baker’s Falls is made up of a number of smaller waterfalls and streams that flow down the cliffs. It is not difficult to get to this waterfall, which is located in Horton Plains National Park and just requires a short stroll through the park. Be cautious since once it rains, the ground may become quite hazardous due to the accumulation of water. Put on your most comfortable pair of hiking boots, because we’re about to set out! The Horton Plains National Park has a lot of ferns and rhododendrons, and the surrounding landscape is covered with lush, verdant vegetation.

6.  Lover’s Leap Waterfall.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Lover's Leap Waterfall Sri Lanka

The Lover’s Leap waterfall may be found tucked away in the countryside of Nuwara Eliya, where there is plenty of verdant vegetation. One of the stunning waterfalls in the area, Lover’s Leap is located in Nuwara Eliya and has a height of thirty meters. From here, visitors may get panoramic views of the surrounding tea plantations. You have the option of walking up to the top of the waterfall through Pedro Tea Factory to take in the stunning scenery of the countryside surrounding Nuwara Eliya, or you can simply stand back and take in the scene from a distance. The picturesque Lover’s Leap waterfall in Nuwara Eliya is an attraction that can be reached in less than ten minutes by car from the heart of Nuwara Eliya city. It is an essential must-see for everybody who is in the area. The Glen Falls is another another magnificent waterfall located in Nuwara Eliya; unfortunately, this particular waterfall is only accessible during certain times of the year. Therefore, the only time you will be able to observe water streaming down after it has rained heavily in Sri Lanka is after a storm.

7. Diyaluma Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Diyaluma Falls Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Falls, which is located in Sri Lanka, has a height of 220 meters and is the second tallest waterfall in the country. Because it is situated in close proximity to the road, taking in the breathtaking majesty of this waterfall is a breeze. However, if you are looking for a true challenge, there is the opportunity to trek up to the higher waterfall, which will reward you with a breathtaking view of the hills in the area. After you’ve worked up a sweat on the trail, you may relieve some of that heat by taking a plunge in one of the pools or lower levels of the waterfall. An exciting excursion for three quarters of a day! Unquestionably, one of the more exciting waterfalls in the Nuwara Eliya district to visit when you’re there.

8. Dunhinda Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Dunhinda Falls Sri Lanka

The Dunhinda Falls are so named because of the misty mist that surrounds them after being formed by the Badulu Oya River. Despite the fact that it is not one of the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka (its height is 64 meters), you should surely pay it a visit anyhow! The town of Ella is around 30 kilometers away from the location of Dunhinda Falls, and in order to go to the waterfall itself, you will need to walk about 1.5 kilometers from the entrance gate. The climb itself is gorgeous, particularly for those who have an interest in the local fauna. You will get the opportunity to witness a variety of flora and fauna, including birds, butterflies, monkeys, and even deer.

The months of November through March, which fall during the rainy season, offer the finest opportunity to view the waterfall since during this time the waterfall will have a greater volume and strength, which will also result in a greater amount of spray!

9. Bopath Ella Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Bopath Ella Sri Lanka

Bopath Ella is one of the Nuwara Eliya waterfalls that is one of the smallest waterfalls due to its height of just 30 meters; yet, due to its unique shape, it is still a beauty to visit. The meaning of the name Bopath is “Bo leaf.” Because it is regarded as a sacred tree in Buddhism, the Bo tree has a significant place in Sri Lankan culture. The narrow, short stream of Bopath Ella is reminiscent of a Bo leaf because it widens out into a broader fall as it makes its way to the bottom. Due to its location in a community that is in close proximity to the mining town of Rathnapura, Bopath Ella is quite accessible. It is possible to swim in the pool at the foot of the Bopath Ella waterfall, and doing so is very safe.

10. St Clair’s Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - St. Clair's Falls Sri Lanka

The Maha and Kuda falls combine to create a waterfall known as St. Clair’s Falls, which may be seen in the middle of the tea plantations near Nuwara Eliya. The height of St. Clair’s Falls is 80 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in the country. It is also the widest. The falls are sometimes referred to as the “Little Niagara of Sri Lanka,” however they earned their name from the neighboring tea estate where they are located. This is also where they are located. It is a really attractive waterfall, and you can easily see it on your journey from Nuwara Eliya to Hatton because the viewpoint is placed just next to the road. Hatton is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Unquestionably, this is one of the Nuwara Eliya waterfalls that you simply must visit.

11. Mohini Falls.

You won’t be able to avoid seeing the Mohini Falls because they are situated directly next to the path that leads to Adam’s Peak. The water from the waterfall, which is thirty meters high, flows into the Maskeliya Reservoir after passing beneath the Hatton – Nallathanniya Road. Mohini Falls, like most of the other waterfalls in Sri Lanka, is most enjoyable to see either immediately after a rainstorm or while it is still raining. We went to the Mohini Falls on a day when it was raining, which made the waterfall even more impressive and wonderful to look at!

12. Devon Falls.

Waterfalls In Nuwara Eliya - Devon Falls Sri Lanka

The Devon Falls, which have a height of 97 meters and are situated immediately next to the road leading from Nuwara Eliya to Hatton, are quite similar to the St. Clair’s Falls. You merely need to deviate from the main route for about five minutes and take a side road. Even though it is difficult to get a good view of the waterfall from the road, there is a trail that leads all the way down to the bottom of Devon Falls that goes through the tea estate. Get in touch with the locals if you want to discover the best route. You may also view the Falls from a greater distance if you go on a route that starts directly next to the temple and walk in that direction. And even if you don’t own a drone, you can still appreciate the beauty of Devon Falls by watching it on a screen.

13. Moray And Sri Padha Falls.

These two waterfalls flow into the Maussakelle reservoir but might be difficult to detect from the road due to their proximity to the reservoir. There is a lookout point along the road that provides a glimpse of Sri Padha waterfall, and if you have a drone, you can also shoot some stunning photographs from either one of the waterfalls or both of them.

Both Sri Pada Falls and Moray Falls flow into the same reservoir, Maskeliya Reservoir, however Moray Falls are separated by several hundreds of meters. On your journey to or from Adam’s Peak, it is well worth your time to make a pit break at either of these waterfalls, each of which is around 25 meters high.

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