17 Of The Very Best Things To Do In Ella, Sri Lanka, And A Detailed Guide To The Area

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka

One of the most well-known tourist destinations in all of Sri Lanka is the town of Ella, which can be found in the midst of the country’s extensive tea plantations in the cultural heart. Because of this, Ella was at the very top of our list of must-see places in Sri Lanka, and despite the fact that we had such high expectations, we weren’t let down in the least! In here we are going to explorer about what things to do in ella sri lanka with complete information.

During our time there, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the town of Ella and all that it had to offer in terms of exciting and entertaining things to do. Our time in Ella was filled with unique and enjoyable experiences, such as going on short climbs and learning about Sri Lankan culture.

It is not always easy for first-time tourists to figure out what they should do while they are there. Especially considering the fact that Ella’s most popular tourist destination, the Nine Arch Bridge, can be seen in just one hour.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Ella Sri Lanka

In light of this, we have decided to compile a list of the top 17 activities that can be enjoyed in Ella, Sri Lanka. In this way, not only will you be able to view the well-known bridge, but you will also be able to enjoy everything else that this town has to offer.

1. Hike Little Adam’s Peak.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Little Adam's Peak

Only because it is referred to as Little Adam’s Peak does not imply that it is any less magnificent than the real Adam’s Peak; rather, it simply means that it is more accessible.

It takes around an hour to go to the top of Little Adam’s Peak from Ella, but if you want to cut some time off the trip, you can think about taking a tuk-tuk to the beginning of the path near Ravana Zipline. This will allow you to save some time. It won’t take you more than a quarter of an hour to reach the peak from here.

After reaching the summit, you will be able to go along the ridgeline and conduct further exploration. On Little Adam’s Peak, there are really three summits, and it takes about half an hour to go to the highest one.

If you are traveling with children, I do not suggest that you hike to the top of the last mountain since it is not child-friendly. It gets quite confined, and the slope increases!

The trek up Little Adams Peak is the easiest one in the Ella area, and it is highly recommended due to the breathtaking vistas it offers.

2. Start Your Day By Seeing The Sun Rise Over The World-Famous Nine Arch Bridge.

The Nine Arch Bridge is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known attractions in all of Ella. This breathtaking bridge, which is found in Sri Lanka and is surrounded by verdant vegetation and tea farms, has become the country’s most iconic image.

Even though I’m sure the Nine Arch Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ella, relatively few people get up early enough to see it at sunrise.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - amazing design

It’s such a pity because, in addition to the fact that there are less passengers on the train (and often none at all), there are also two trains in the morning: the first one departs at 6:15 am, and the second one departs at 6:40 am. There are many more trains during the day, such as at 9:30 in the morning, 11:30 in the morning, 3:30 in the afternoon, 4:30 in the evening, and 5:30 in the evening, but none of them are as close together as in the morning.

It doesn’t matter which viewpoint you go to, although I recommend the one on each end of the bridge if you’re looking for a good perspective. You will have time to investigate the area around the bridge if you get there ten to twenty minutes before the train comes.

It is not difficult to cross the rails and get the other vistas on each side, but I find that this one offers the best vantage point overall. The food for the others comes from the cafés that are located upstairs. The app known as Maps. Me is indicated with all of the many perspectives that are available.

It is possible to walk to the bridge, and the town center of Ella is about 1.8 kilometers away from the viewpoint that is the closest to the bridge. Think about hailing a tuk-tuk if you’d rather not walk the distance. To go to one of the hiking routes that leads to the bridge from town for little more than 300 rupees, use a tuk-tuk. After that, it will take you somewhere between five and ten minutes to walk down to the railway tracks.

3. The Flying Ravana Zipline Is A Must-Do.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Ravana Zipline

The Flying Ravana Zipline is one of the newest attractions that can be seen in Ella. It has a length of nearly 500 meters and can travel at a speed of over 80 kilometers per hour. It’s the kind of thing that’ll have your blood pumping in no time at all!

As you fly over the observation deck filled with fans on the zipline, you will have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. Additionally, it is a dual zipline, which means that you and a companion may either sprint to the bottom of the course together or simply relax and enjoy the trip side by side.

Adult tickets to ride the Ravana Zipline cost will around $45 USD, while kid tickets cost will around $25 USD. The zipline, which can be found near the base of Little Adam’s Peak, is an excellent activity that may be done in conjunction with the trek.

Even if it wasn’t the most extreme zipline in the world, I still had a great time participating in the activity, especially considering how inexpensive it was.

4. Travel To Haputale Or Kandy By Taking The Train.

The journey from Ella to Kandy on the train is often regarded as one of the most scenic in the world. This well-known road goes through the expansive tea estates that seem to go on forever in Sri Lanka.

There are three different classes of service offered on the train that travels to Kandy, which takes around four hours to reach. First-class is the way to go if comfort is important to you, but if you want to get a feel for the area, third-class is the way to go; it will be an experience you won’t soon forget! Depending on where you want to go and whatever class you choose, the price of a ticket might range anywhere from 50 to 1,100 rupees.

There are several departures during the day on the Ella to Kandy train. There are two distinct avenues via which one may purchase tickets in advance. The first is available on 12Go Asia, and the second is provided by a tour operator. My preference is to go with the tour company due to the fact that there is a greater possibility that you will receive what you pay for.

Having said that, there is no requirement for you to travel all the way to Kandy. Instead, you should think about spending the night or two in the charming little village of Haputale. There are a wide variety of activities and attractions available in Haputale, and the town is located in close proximity to a number of fascinating locations, such as Lipton Seat.

5. Join A Sri Lankan Cooking Class.

In Ella, I participated in the very first foreign cooking lesson I’ve ever taken, and guess what? It was wonderful in every way!

In spite of having visited more than 40 countries, I never got around to taking a cooking lesson until I was in Sri Lanka, and I’m extremely pleased I did. I learned a lot and had a great time.

We took the cooking class that was offered by our guest home, and during it, we learnt how to make four different kinds of curries from the ground up. In the course, we learned to make everything from scratch, including coconut cream, which had always been a conundrum for me.

The total cost of our lesson was 1000 rupees, and each of us paid an additional 400 rupees for the lunch (1400 rupees each). The price varies not just according to the type of meat (if any) that you select but also according to the location of the cooking lesson that you take. We went for the vegetarian option, however adding chicken or fish would have just increased the price by 500 rupees.

Following the session, we were given the opportunity to gorge ourselves on all of the food that we had prepared.

In general, I believe that this was my favorite activity that I performed in Ella, Sri Lanka, and it is one that I suggest to others.

If you arrange a tour with one of the culinary schools, they will charge you 2,000 rupees and teach you how to prepare five different curries, most of which will include meat. The Spice Garden is home to one of the most well-attended and well regarded culinary schools in all of Ella. We made our reservation for the trip through the inn that we were staying at, and it turned out to be a unique opportunity for us to spend quality time with the owners of the inn.

6. Visit Ravana Falls.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Ravana Falls Sri Lanka

Ravana Falls is the first waterfall that will be discussed on our list of things to do in Ella. Ravana Falls is located in Ella. The sight of this enormous waterfall is quite remarkable to take in. Ravana Falls is not only one of the waterfalls that is located most conveniently near to Ella, but it is also one of the waterfalls that is the least expensive to see.

Ravana Falls can be reached in about ten minutes by car from Ella and is situated along the major route. The location may also be found on Google Maps, although every taxi and tuk-tuk driver will already be familiar with it.

Ravana Falls is a beautiful spot to see, despite the fact that swimming isn’t actually allowed there.

There are always a large number of monkeys in the area around the waterfalls, and there are also a few juice bars and small businesses in the area of the roadway that is closest to the waterfalls. Hiking to the top of Ravana Falls during the dry season enables visitors to take in the breathtaking vistas from a higher vantage point. During our time there, the route was impassable due to the abundance of water.

It should cost about 600 rupees to take a tuk-tuk to the falls and back again. We drove our own tuk-tuk there, and both the destination and the parking along the side of the road were quite simple to locate and very abundant.

7. Visit Lipton Seat.

The breathtaking vantage point known as Lipton Seat got its name from Thomas Lipton, a pioneer in the cultivation of tea in Sri Lanka.

Even though Thomas has passed away, his legacy of introducing tea to the working class will continue long after he has. You are welcome to visit his favorite viewpoint in Sri Lanka, known as Lipton Seat, at any time.

The vantage point looks out over the huge tea plantations that he had owned in the past, and a journey to Sri Lanka is not considered a success unless it includes a stop at Lipton Seat.

Sunrise is the most popular time for tourists to visit Liptons Seat, which is located around an hour’s drive from Ella. Once you have arrived to Lipton Seat, you will have the opportunity to either take a tour of the several tea estates or simply take a break at the restaurant at Lipton Seat.

After you have had enough time to take in the scenery, you are welcome to go to the Dambatenne Tea Factory. On the route back to Ella from Lipton Seat, the factory may be found around 7 kilometers away. You have the option of either walking the seven kilometers through the tea plantations or taking a tuk-tuk.

The cost of a return ride in a tuk-tuk from Ella is around three thousand rupees. If you want to be in the right place to see the dawn, you should get up at five in the morning and make your tuk-tuk reservation the day before. You may also take the train from Ella to Kandy, but you will need to get off at the Haputale station along the way. This first train departs at 6:00 am, which means that although though you won’t be able to see the dawn, it will be far less expensive.

There is also the option of participating in a guided tour of Lipton Seat. This particular trip takes guests to Lipton Seat at sunrise, in addition to several other exciting locations in the surrounding area.

8. Take A Tour Of A Tea Factory.

A trip to Sri Lanka would not be complete without at least one stop at a tea plantation or mill. It would be the same as travelling to Italy and choosing not to eat pizza.

There are several tea manufacturers in the Ella area, but the Halpewatte Tea Factory is by far the most well-known and often visited of these. The production capacity of this tea factory makes it the greatest in all of Sri Lanka.

Due to its distance from the town, you will either need to hire a cab or have your own transportation in order to get there. The distance is slightly over 6 kilometers. It will cost around 1500 rupees to take a tuk-tuk there and back again. The tour of the tea factory is 525 rupees (about 62 US cents) per person and lasts for forty minutes.

If you have settled on going to Lipton Seat, then your best bet is to stop by the Dambatenne Tea Factory, which is located in the general vicinity. The factory tour at this location will cost you 250 rupees but will not go into as much detail as the trip at the Halpawatte Tea Factory.

9. Hike Ella Rock.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Hike Ella Rock

Ella Rock is the ideal destination for those looking for a walk that is more difficult than that of Little Adam’s Peak.

Although the views from the path are comparable to those from Little Adam’s Peak, the trek takes you far higher up for a more expansive panorama. In point of fact, I’d argue that it’s the greatest vista in the entire town of Ella!

The hike to the summit and back took us a total of four hours starting from Ella and covering eight kilometers. It is not particularly challenging, but it does require some level of fitness (especially for the ascent!)

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you regarding Ella Rock, it’s to get a guidebook before you go. Without reading one, the path up could appear to be complex. This handbook written by the Nomadic Boys is flawless and explains everything in detail. To ensure that I wouldn’t get lost, I even took some notes and screenshots.

You may hire a local guide in the town, or you can sign up for this organized trip if you think it will make you feel more comfortable.

10. Diyaluma Falls.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Diyaluma Falls Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Falls is an excellent choice if you are only going to see one waterfall in Sri Lanka during your trip. It is the second largest waterfall in Sri Lanka and an amazing spot to go exploring in.

The height of the falls is 220 meters, and you have the option of swimming either at the bottom of the falls or at the top, with the latter being the superior choice.

You may swim at the waterfall’s top section, which is comprised of a series of tiny pools. From this vantage point, you may take in the stunning scenery. Due to the large volume of water that is rushing down the falls during the wet season, it is not a good idea to swim in the pools that are located the closest to the edge of the cliff.

It takes more than an hour to drive to the falls by tuk-tuk from Ella, and there are actually two different routes you can take to get there.

The first option brings you above the falls on Poonagala Road, and the second option requires you to go down. The alternate route drops you off at the base of the waterfall in the Koslanda settlement, and from there you have to trek up.

What Is My Advice To You?

Take the path that leads to the summit, and then walk back down. Then have your tuk-tuk wait for you at the settlement of Koslanda, which is at the bottom of the hill. You won’t ever have to struggle uphill if you do it this way!

It will cost you around 2,000 rupees to take a tuk-tuk to the falls and back, but you can also take the local bus, which is considerably more affordable but will take at least four hours longer. They are familiar with the path, therefore it is sufficient to discuss the details with them in advance.

11. Ravana’s Cave.

Ravana’s Cave is another amazing item in Ella that visitors can check out. It is reported that King Ravana concealed Princess Sita in these caverns as they were on their journey. The caverns were man-made and were a part of a network of tunnels that were utilized by the monarch. This is another intriguing fact about the caves.

The tunnels were a tribute to King Ravana’s building abilities and served as a speedy path across the highlands.

Even though the caverns are not particularly impressive, they are an interesting and unusual attraction in Ella.

It is feasible to stroll to the Ravana Caverns from the town center of Ella because the caves are just two kilometers away. Regarding Maps You get a really good view of the trail that originates from the A23 motorway.

Visit the Adams Apple Homestay if you require further directions at your earliest convenience. The trail begins here and consists of a 650-step ascent that takes around one kilometer.

Even though the Dambulla Cave Temples in the nearby town of Dambulla are more impressive, it is still worthwhile to spend some time exploring Ravana’s Cave if you find yourself in the area.

12. Have Lunch Or Dinner At Cafe Chill.

During our trip in Sri Lanka, one of the most delicious meals we had was at a restaurant called Cafe Chill. The restaurant offers a variety of regional as well as western cuisine at prices that are affordable.

The structure itself is stunning, and it serves as a wonderful spot to unwind throughout both the day and the night. Just lounging about and watching people go by was a great way to pass the time here for us.

Personally, I thought the pizza was amazing, and after being in Asia for two months, I found myself craving it a lot. Nevertheless, the majority of the meals appeared to be really tasty.

14. Pay A Visit To The Waterfall In Sri Lanka That Is The Highest.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Bambarakanda Falls

Bambarakanda waterfall is Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall at 263m. This waterfall may be found in the thick vegetation near the town of Haputale, which is only a short distance away by car.

Even though we went there when we were staying in Hapautale, Bambarakanda waterfall is accessible from Ella as well. Just so you are aware, the drive should take around two hours.

You can really drive yourself all the way to the waterfall if you have your own tuk-tuk and are in charge of its operation. You may find the location by using Google Maps.

You also have the option of participating in a guided hiking tuk-tuk excursion, which will include transportation to and from your Ella hotel.

15. Take A Safari In Either Yala Or Udawalawe National Parks In Sri Lanka.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Udawalawe National Park

If you want to make the most of your time in Sri Lanka, Ella is the ideal location to do it. The fact that elephants and leopards are absent from Ella is the only significant drawback of the area. You will have to leave Ella and go on a safari in order to witness these creatures.

There are several trips that depart from Ella and go to either Yala National Park or Udawalawe National Park. Both of these national parks are in Sri Lanka. To tell you the truth, I liked Udawalawe National Park more; but, if you go to Yala National Park, you have a possibility of seeing leopards, whereas in Udawalawe the focus is more on elephants.

During your time in Sri Lanka, you should absolutely not skip the opportunity to go on a safari, no matter where you end up going.

This trip of Udawalawe National Park includes a hotel pick-up in an air-conditioned vehicle, the payment of park entry fees, and a safari within Udawalawe National Park. At just $94, it is the most affordable safari excursion available from Ella.

For around$120, you can take this excursion to Yala National Park, which includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle, park taxes, a guide, a safari tour, and refreshments.

16 Visit To Horton Plains National Park For A Single Day.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Horton Plains National Park

Even though it is one of the parks in Sri Lanka that receives fewer visitors than others, Horton Plains National Park is still a fantastic destination for nature lovers.

In point of fact, Horton Plains is home to the World’s End, which is widely regarded as the premier hiking destination in all of Sri Lanka.

The Worlds End route is a circle that is approximately 9.5 kilometers long and offers stunning vistas along the way. However, it is not just the beautiful vistas that make it so famous; along the route, you can also visit a few waterfalls and truly become immersed in nature. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

There are a number of additional waterfalls in the national park that may be explored, but the World’s End circuit is considered to be the primary attraction there.

The entrance fee to the national park is somewhat pricey, coming in at roughly 4,000 rupees for each individual (this changes depending on your group size and vehicle). It will take you the entirety of one day to explore the national park and finish the hike. Please plan accordingly.

Hiking to World’s End, rather than the more popular Adam’s Peak, is a fantastic option for those looking to avoid crowds. Although Nuwara Eliya is physically located closer to the national park than Ella is, the majority of visitors still come from Ella.

17. Day Excursion To Sigiriya.

Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka - Sigiriya

Sigiriya is a quaint little hamlet located in the middle of Sri Lanka. You’ll discover the amazing Sigiriya Rock Fortress here, which is also a place that’s been designated as a World Heritage site. One of the nicest things to do in Sri Lanka is to climb to the summit of this enormous rock and investigate the ruins that are located there.

Sigiriya and Sigiriya Rock are popular destinations for tourists coming from neighboring towns like Kandy; however, you may get there from Ella as well. Even though it will make for a long day, this is one of those large day trips that is really worth it if you aren’t already travelling farther north!

It should take you around three to four hours to go from Ella to Sigiriya one way. When you get there, however, not only can you climb the rock, but you can also visit the museum and climb Pidurangala Rock. The world-famous Dambulla Rock Temple may be found in the neighborhood and is well worth a trip.

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