The Whole And Comprehensive Guide To RAVANA FALLS In Sri Lanka

Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka - stunning waterfall

Along the route that winds through the misty mountains of Ella in Sri Lanka is where you’ll find the Ravana Falls. The water crashes to the ground from a height of 25 meters after falling from an oval concave rock. Ravana Falls is a three-tiered cascading waterfall that, as it descends, creates rock pools along its path. Ravana Falls takes on the appearance of a drooping areca flower during the wet season; however, during the dry season, its wide size is drastically decreased. Despite this, it is always worthwhile to check out this waterfall when you’re in Ella because it is one of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka that is the simplest to visit. So, in order to prepare you for your trip to Ravana Falls Ella, here is all the information you require.

Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka  - misty mountains of Ella

How to Travel to Ravana Falls Sri Lanka?

In about ten minutes, you will arrive to the Ravana Falls after traveling down a meandering road that descends into the breathtakingly green valley of Ella. The Niagara Falls may be reached in a number of different ways. Taking the local bus from the Ella bus station to Wallawaya, which will cost you 50 rupees and departs from Ella, is the option that will save you the most money. A TukTuk ride may be had for anywhere between 300 and 500 rupees, depending on the number of individuals in the group. But if you want the most flexibility possible, we believe that renting a motorcycle is the ideal choice for you to make in this situation. You will have the ability to see the Diyaluma Falls as well, which are located an additional 45 minutes and a car ride further away than the Ravana Falls.

Best Time To Visit Ravana Falls Sri Lanka.

Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka  - Ravana Falls

If you want to see the Ravana Falls without having to deal with a lot of other people, the ideal time to go is first thing in the morning. Because the waterfall is situated so close to the road, you should anticipate seeing a large number of people pulling over to snap pictures of it. The rainy season is the greatest time to see the waterfall since it brings more water, which results in a more powerful and magnificent cascade. However, even if you don’t have to go very far to get to the waterfall, it is still well worth your time to go!

The Ravana Falls: Their Past And Present

Ravana, a monarch of Sri Lanka who ruled more than 5,000 years ago, is honored by having his name bestowed onto these waterfalls. It is supposed that Ravana kidnapped Princess Sita and hid her in the Ravana Cave, which is located beneath this waterfall. The tradition says that Ravana did this. At that time, the cave was situated in the midst of an uninhabited wilderness and was surrounded by dense vegetation. It is an indication of her cleanliness because she bathed in the waterfall. The cave has been excavated, and the results of those excavations have uncovered evidence of human occupancy extending back more than 25,000 years.

What Kind Of Experiences Can Be Expected At Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka?

Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka  - stunning Ella Valle

This picture-perfect waterfall is located in the stunning Ella Valley, and it has a height of 25 meters. You should definitely pay it a visit because it is so gorgeous. Even though there isn’t much to do at the waterfall itself, it’s a wonderful place to stop on the way to other waterfalls, such the Diyaluma Falls for instance. There are a few local shacks located near the parking lot, and if you stand on the platform with the waterfall in the background, you can take some really wonderful shots. Exploring the Ravana Cave is another another option for things to do in the neighborhood.

What Activities Should NOT Be Undertaken Near The Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka?

You could have read about the possibility of climbing to the top of the waterfall in one of your books or online. Do not attempt to climb the rocks or the waterfall since there are very prominent signs at the beginning of the waterfall that state “No climbing” and “Don’t climb the rocks.” I can promise you that this is not a good idea. There is also police checking, and we’ve heard accounts of visitors who defied the signs and went up the waterfall, only to be chased down by the police with a heavy stick after they had done so. They were coerced into going down and paying a fee for their transgression. The operation of a drone is exactly the same. We gave it a shot at this location, but unfortunately, it wasn’t permitted. The police officer was courteous enough to approach us in order to deliver the news, which we, of course, appreciated.

Weather Conditions In Ella, Sri Lanka

Ravana Falls In Sri Lanka  - stunning waterfall

When compared to Colombo, where the weather is often quite warm, and Nuwara Eliya, where it may get rather chilly, the temperature in Ella is more typical of the country’s interior. In Ella, the temperature will drop as we move closer to the end of the year. Particularly during the month of December, when the average low temperature is approximately 10 degrees. Additionally, Ella has a higher chance of precipitation in comparison to the southern coast. October is the month with the most average rainfall in Ella, while March is the month with the lowest average rainfall. But it might rain at any time, so be sure you’re prepared! In addition, this is the reason why the Ella valley is so breathtakingly lush in vegetation.

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