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During your time in Ella, Sri Lanka, don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out the Nine Arch Bridge. The Nine Arch Bridge is a very lovely and charming location because to its breathtaking surroundings, which include the gorgeous tea farms and the verdant forest that can be seen in the distance. It has developed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Sri Lanka, and visitors often choose to spend several days in Ella as a result of its breathtaking natural beauty and the availability of challenging treks in the surrounding area, such as Ella Rock and Little Adams Peak. In this article is exploring about nine arch bridge in Sri Lanka is the gretest place to add your journey.

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One of the things that should not be missed when in Ella is a trip to the Nine Arch Bridge. But if you really want to see the best of Sri Lanka via rail, you can’t leave without riding the legendary blue train and having the experience of a lifetime. The voyage begins in Kandy and ends in Ella, although there are opportunities for stopping along the way. For example, you may stop at Nuwara Eliya to see the stunning waterfalls and interior landscape of Sri Lanka. But before we get into it, let’s get you caught up on all you need to know about the Nine Arch Bridge in Sri Lanka. This blog will teach you all you need to know about the Nine Arch Bridge, including its history, how to travel to the bridge itself, and how to reach the viewpoint, which is an essential stop on any tour of the bridge.

Ella Will Explain How To Travel To The Nine Arch Bridge.

You may reach the Nine Arch railroad bridge by a variety of modes of transportation and access points. Given that the bridge is in close proximity to Ella’s main street, you have the option of either walking there or spending 200 rupees on a Tuk Tuk ride that would get you there. It is also possible for you to get there on your own if you are comfortable enough riding a motorcycle.

If you want to walk there, it will take you around twenty minutes to get there. You will need to continue down the road in the direction of Little Adam’s Peak and make a left turn when you reach the little colorful temple. Then, using Google Maps, follow the directions for Lake Front Cottage.

However, if you want to take a stroll that is less noisy and more secluded, turn left at the parking spots that are located after Art Cafe Umbrella. You will need to continue down the route for around ten minutes in order to reach the bridge from there. You will not find a better view of the bridge anywhere else, and the walk to get here is filled with exciting new experiences at every turn.

The History Of The Bridge With Nine Arches.

The history of the Nine Arch Bridge is rather intriguing. It is said that shortly after the bridge was commissioned by the British during the time of British colonial rule, World War I broke out between the various European empires. The bridge was built at this time. The steel and other metal resources that were supposed to be utilized in the construction of the bridge were unexpectedly diverted to be used for military purposes instead. However, in order to find a solution that would allow the construction of the bridge to continue, materials such as boulders, bricks, and cement were employed. 

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At its current height of 24 meters and spanning 91 meters, the Nine Arches Bridge connects the Ella station to the Demodara station. It is an outstanding feat of architecture and stands out as one of the most impressive examples of building from the colonial era. As a result of its resemblance to the bridge that leads to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter film series, the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge garnered even more notoriety and became extremely well-known.

When You Should Go To The Nine Arch Bridge The Most?

Visit first thing in the morning, however this recommendation is subject to change based on the objectives of your trip. Taking photographs during either sunrise or sunset is, naturally, the ideal time to do it. The light is comforting and gentle, and there are less people about. This well-known location sees an increase in the number of visitors beginning around nine in the morning and continuing throughout the day. We visited twice, once to see the dawn and once to watch the sunset, and both times we found that there were very few other people there. However, due of the angle of the sun, we noticed that taking pictures during the morning’s dawn was superior than those taken during the evening’s sunset.

The Nine Arch Bridge Train Schedules Are Available Here.

About six times a day, the trains will travel over the bridge. Because of the frequent delays experienced by trains in Sri Lanka, the precise timetables are subject to change at any moment. On the other hand, there really ought to be one every hour. You are able to view the train’s schedule on this page. You shouldn’t be concerned about having to wait a long time because it’s a beautiful location for photography and there are quaint little cafes around where you can get food and drink.

Perspective of the Nine Arch Bridge.

It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the perspective of Nine Arch Bridge. There are really three different vantage points along the bridge from which you must inspect it and snap photographs. From down in the tea fields, while strolling along the rails of the bridge, and from the vantage position on top of the bridge. If you go in the direction shown on the picture below, beginning from the parking lot, you will come to the route that leads to the viewpoint, which is located at the Asanka Cafe. When you arrive there, you will find a quaint little neighborhood cafe where you may grab something to eat and drink. You may sit and take in the scenery of the bridge or wait for the train to go by on the modest bench that’s there. Just follow the route and the sign down until you reach the bridge if you wish to continue walking there.

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Photograph Taken From A Drone Of The Nine Arch Bridge.

Flying the drone in close proximity to the Nine Arch bridge is specifically prohibited by the law. You may, however, achieve some truly breathtaking perspectives if you begin your shot from a greater distance. We took the drone out for a spin one morning in Ella, and the weather and the scenery were absolutely breathtaking. There was a little of mist in the valley, and the Nine Arch Bridge served as a stunning focal point.

Ella tours.

There is a fantastic day trip that travels to all three of these locations, so if you are in the Ella area and want to climb Ella Rock, trek to Little Adam’s Peak, and see the Nine Arch Bridge, you can do so on the same excursion. When you consider that you can visit all three sights in a single day for around $70, the price is reasonable. The excursion is officially known as the Ella Three Icons Day Tour.

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