The Most Comprehensive Guide To DALAWELLA BEACH In Sri Lanka

One of the most stunning beaches in Sri Lanka, Dalawella Beach can be found in the Unawatuna region on the island’s southern coast. Due to the fact that there are two primary attractions that draw a large number of visitors to this beach, the primary beach is a very touristic location, despite the fact that it is a rather decent beach. You may take images that are perfect for Instagram at a rock that is shaped like the bow of a ship, which is known as “Ship Rock.” You can also swing on the world-famous palm tree rope swing. Despite the fact that this beach can become rather crowded at times, you should absolutely include a visit to Dalawella Beach in Sri Lanka your schedule for it is among the top things to do in Sri Lanka. Read this blog post to learn everything there is to know about Dalawella beach and the activities available there.

Dalawella Beach In Sri Lanka - DALAWELLA BEACH

Instructions On How To Go To The Beach At Dalawella.

Because it is so close to the major road and the only thing that separates it from it are a few narrow alleys, Dalawella beach is quite easy to find. You can rent a scooter and go on your own adventure down the south coast of the island, but in most cases, you will be required to leave your passport in order to rent a motorcycle. This time around, we decided against renting a scooter due to the fact that we will never give anyone else access to our passport. 

Consequently, we traveled by Tuk Tuk to the beaches of Unawatuna and Dalawella. Our chauffeur left us off at a street corner marked with a turquoise sign that read “Dream Cabana Guest home,” from which an alleyway led directly to the beach. When you get to the beach, you’ll find the well-known Dalawella beach swing on the side of the road to your right. In all honesty, this is not the most popular beach in the Dalawella area. The longer stretch of sand at Dalawella can only be reached on foot, therefore walking is the only option if you wish to get there.

The Best Time To Visit The Beach At Dalawella.

Due to the fact that the colors of the Sri Lankan sunset may sometimes be quite breathtaking, the best time to visit Dalawella beach is during sunset. Especially considering the two stunning photo chances, such as the palm tree swing and the ship rock, which are both located here. However, if you want to get some sun and go swimming, you should get to the beach earlier so that you may take advantage of the lovely stretch of sand and get some vitamin D. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss some of the other activities that can be enjoyed at the beach.

Activities Available At The Dalawella Beach.

The beach at Dalawella offers visitors a wide variety of exciting activities to partake in. You can go snorkeling, observe a local form of fishing that is called “stilt fishing” over the reef, and do a few other things as well. It’s not just about the iconic palm tree swing during sunset or the Ship Rock. Continue reading to obtain information regarding the top activities that can be enjoyed at Dalawella beach in greater depth.

Dalawella Beach Swing.

Dalawella Beach In Sri Lanka - swing in the palm tree

Because of the popularity of the Dalawella palm tree swing on Instagram, it has become an overnight sensation. The original proprietors of the palm tree swing are also the people who run the Dream Cabana Guesthouse, and they have turned a healthy profit out of the tree swing in recent years. This place draws a lot of people, especially towards dusk, so you should be used to having some company there.

Instructions On How To Reach The Rope Swing Hung From The Palm Tree.

The spot in front of the Dream Cabana Guesthouse that features the palm tree swing can be found there. It’s not the main beach of Dalawella beach, but it’s only around the bend from there. If you type “Dream Cabana Swing” or “The Palm Rope Swing” into Google Maps, it will tell you the precise position of the swing set.

How Much Does It Cost To Swing On The Rope From The Palm Tree?

In the beginning, the individuals staying at Dream Cabana Guesthouse fashioned the palm tree rope swing for their own personal usage. Just for some lighthearted entertainment, but little did they anticipate that it would become a massive sensation on Instagram and one of the most talked about locations in all of Sri Lanka. Many tourists now include the palm tree rope swing on their “wish list” of things to do in Sri Lanka. The gentlemen who work at Dream Cabana Guesthouse have started charging a fee of 500 rupees in order to take a couple turns on the palm tree swing because of how popular it has become.

The Ship Rock.

Dalawella Beach In Sri Lanka - slipping rock

At Dalawella beach, in addition to the palm tree rope swing, there is one more really cool photo opportunity that you may take. This rock, which looks like the bow of a ship, is referred to as “Ship Rock” because of its resemblance to a ship. In particular at the sunset, when the sky in Sri Lanka can become pink, orange, and purple all at the same time, this location exudes a really hip and trendy vibe. You may make a pretty wonderful silhouette of the two of you by having one of you stand on the rock while the other of you snaps shots from below. This will be a lovely memento to bring back wonderful memories of the sunsets in Sri Lanka.

Instructions On How To Reach Ship Rock.

You will need to turn your back to the palm tree rope swing and walk to the left down the beach for a few hundred meters until you come to the Ship Rock. This will put you in the position where you are facing the ocean. In front of the Sri Gemunu beach resort is where you will find the Ship Rock. There is no cost associated with taking photographs at Ship Rock.

To See Baby Turtles Being Released Or To Spot Turtles On Your Own, Go Snorkeling.

Renting a snorkel and going into the lagoon to look for sea turtles at Dalawella beach, which is another popular place to see them, is a good idea. Be on the lookout for turtle nests if you visit Dalawella beach in the evening or after the sun has set; this is a favorite location for turtles to lay their eggs. Because turtles are threatened with extinction, residents of the area are doing what they can to ensure the survival of the young turtles by guarding the eggs until they hatch and then releasing the hatchlings back into the water at night, when they are less likely to be attacked by predators. 

You have to walk all the way to the right side of the beach, which is also referred to as “Turtle Beach” on Google Maps. If you do this, you should be able to see some turtles. You should talk to the people at Dream Cabana since they will frequently show you the baby turtles if they happen to have any hatch that day to release later on. If you do this, you will be able to help them release more turtles later on.

Take A Look At The So-Called “Stilt Fishermans.”

Dalawella Beach In Sri Lanka - Stilt Fishermans

In Sri Lanka, one of the country’s most established and time-honored fishing techniques involves the use of stilt fishermen, who can be found just a little distance further down Dalawella beach. Stilt fishing is an advanced form of fishing that needs a lot of skill and balance. It allows the fisherman to sit a few of meters above the water, which casts few shadows and has a limited impact on the marine life. Because of this, they have a better chance of capturing anything to eat. 

Even though this is a genuine tradition practiced in Sri Lanka, in modern times “fishermen” are stationed there specifically to entertain tourists. Be aware that if you want to take a picture, they will ask for money (a ludicrous amount of money), and you should plan accordingly. Either that, or you need to have a telephoto lens in order to get a good shot of them from a distance.

Activities Available In The Area Of Dalawella Beach.

Along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, there are a lot more things to discover than you might think. If you want to learn how to surf, you can do it in the cozy and unhurried seaside village of Hiriketiya. On the other hand, the southern coast of Sri Lanka is home to a plethora of additional breathtaking beaches that you should absolutely see. The Secret Beach in Mirissa is one of the undiscovered treasures that can be found along the south coast of Sri Lanka. 

In addition, both Mirissa and Trincomalee offer opportunities to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitats. During the corresponding seasons, those are the areas in Sri Lanka that offer the finest opportunities to see whales. A trip to the Coconut Tree Viewpoint is another activity that should be at the top of your to-do list while you’re in Sri Lanka. In conjunction with a day trip to Galle, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site and where you may visit the Galle Fort as well as the Galle Lighthouse.

Conditions In The South Of Sri Lanka.

Between the months of January and April, as well as between the months of July and September, the south coast of Sri Lanka is at its most beautiful. Because of the monsoon, there is a greater risk of precipitation in the months that lie in between the wet and dry seasons. In Sri Lanka, you can expect beautiful weather and mild temperatures throughout the entire year. Despite this, the southern shore, particularly along the beaches, will always have a somewhat milder climate than the interior.

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