Beautiful Beaches in SRI LANKA That You Should Add to Your Tour

The beaches in Sri Lanka are stunning, undeveloped lengths of golden sand and turquoise ocean water framed by palm trees on each side of the beach. Because the coastline extends for more than 1,585 kilometers, finding your very own tropical paradise should not be too difficult. Surfers will find a plethora of beaches in Sri Lanka that offer some of the world’s best waves. On the other hand, for those who are searching for solitude, Sri Lanka is home to a number of secluded beaches where they may unwind away from the madding crowds. We spent a month seeing Sri Lanka, making our way from the east coast to the southern coast and then back up the west coast before arriving back at the airport. During our trip to Sri Lanka, we went to quite a few different beaches, and as a result, I decided to write a blog post about the best beaches in Sri Lanka in the hopes that it may assist you in finding your own ideal beach in Sri Lanka.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka beaches

Our Favorite Sri Lanka Beaches.

Following our travels across the breathtaking island of Sri Lanka, we have compiled this detailed reference of the top beaches in Sri Lanka in order to assist you in locating the beach that most closely matches your idea of paradise. But what are the characteristics of a great beach? It really depends on what it is that you want to find, doesn’t it? What are some of the things that are most important to you? Our preference is for beaches that are less frequented and more secluded, but there’s a good chance that someone else enjoys the beaches that are more crowded and have more amenities. In any case, if you were to ask us, the following are the top three beaches in Sri Lanka, in our opinion:

Have a good time reading this comprehensive guide to Sri Lanka’s 11 most beautiful beaches! It would be helpful for your fellow travelers if you shared this information with them. Also, if you have any inquiries on Sri Lanka, please do not be reluctant to inquire!


1. Secret Beach Mirissa.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Secret Beach Mirissa

One of our favorite beaches in Sri Lanka is called Secret Beach, and it’s located in Mirissa. The reason for this is that the beach is in a rather “secret” area, and getting there requires a fair amount of work. The beach is shaped like a V, and the jungle is in the background, which gives the impression that it is untouched. The atmosphere is quite laid back. On the beach, you can either lay out your towel or, if you prefer something more comfortable, you can rent a sunbed. There is a bar on the beach where you can get food and drinks, and they also rent out snorkel gear for those that are interested. If you are interested in snorkeling, Secret Beach is a great place to go because the water is clear and gorgeous, and there are lots of tropical fish and turtles to see while you are out there. It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to Secret Beach Mirissa. Especially if you prefer the beaches that are less crowded and better hidden.

Instructions On How To Go To Mirissa’s Secret Beach.

Hidden on the Mirissa peninsula lies the beach known only as Secret Beach Mirissa, which may be found along the coast of Weligama beach. It is possible to travel to Secret Beach Mirissa on a motorbike or a TukTuk, but you should be warned that the road is extremely steep. So if you go by your rental bike you need some serious good motorbike abilities. If that isn’t an option, you can take the TukTuk to the entrance of the beach, or you can walk the remaining distance.

2. Hirikiteya Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Hirikiteya Beach

According to our findings, Hiriketiya beach is among the top beaches in Sri Lanka for a number of different reasons. This horseshoe-shaped bay, which is also known as Hiriketiya bay, is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to go surfing and practice yoga. The laid-back atmosphere and the impression of being in an ideal setting will make you want to spend at least a few days in this location. Additionally, there are a number of hipster cafés that serve wonderful food. The fact that people haven’t heard much about Hiriketiya beach despite its status as a veritable tropical paradise explains why there are never any crowds there. An ideal location for those in search of tranquility and tourists interested in getting away from the crowds.

Instructions On How To Travel To The Beach At Hiriketiya.

The beach in Hiriketiya may be found on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, immediately adjacent to Dickwella. To get to Hiriketiya, you can take the bus, a Tuk Tuk, or rent a scooter and drive yourself there. We think that renting a scooter is the greatest option because it gives you a great deal more mobility and flexibility than other modes of transportation. Because the bus stops approximately 20 minutes away from the beach, a Tuk Tuk is another viable alternative for getting there.

3. Dalawella Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Dalawella Beach

Dalawella beach is found in the vicinity of Unawatuna, and despite the fact that the primary beach is quite lovely, the location is quite touristy due to the presence of the two primary attractions. You may take images that are perfect for Instagram at a rock that is shaped like the bow of a ship, which is known as “Ship Rock.” You can also swing on the world-famous palm tree rope swing. You really cannot visit Sri Lanka without include Dalawella Beach on your schedule, since it is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable activities available there.

Instructions On How To Go To The Beach At Dalawella.

Because it is so close to the major road and the only thing that separates it from it are a few narrow alleys, Dalawella beach is quite easy to find. You can rent a scooter and go on your own adventure down the south coast of the island, but in most cases, you will be required to leave your passport in order to rent a motorcycle. This time around, we decided against renting a scooter due to the fact that we will never give anyone else access to our passport. Consequently, we traveled by Tuk Tuk to the beaches of Unawatuna and Dalawella. Our chauffeur left us off at a street corner marked with a turquoise sign that read “Dream Cabana Guest home,” from which an alleyway led directly to the beach. When you get to the beach, you’ll find the well-known Dalawella beach swing on the side of the road to your right. In all honesty, this is not the most popular beach in the Dalawella area. You will need to stroll down the beach in order to reach the larger section of Dalawella’s sand that is located further south.

4. Hikkaduwa Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Hikkaduwa Beach

The term Hikkaduwa refers to a tiny beach town that may be found on the south-western coast of Sri Lanka. It is considered to be one of the best places to go surfing in all of Sri Lanka, and in addition to that, there are many other exciting things to do in Hikkaduwa, such as participating in a variety of water sports, indulging in delectable seafood curries, receiving relaxing massages, and touring Buddhist temples.

How To Travel To Hikkaduwa Beach.

Approximately 100 kilometers to the south of Colombo and 140 kilometers away from Galle is where you’ll find Hikkaduwa. The journey to Hikkaduwa can be taken in a number of different ways. In Colombo, transportation options include hiring a private driver, taking the rail or bus, or renting a Tuk Tuk. In our comprehensive guide to Hikkaduwa Beach, you will find more in-depth information on the various possibilities available to you.

5. Mirissa Beach.

Mirissa beach is a gorgeous beach that is only a little over a kilometer long and has an ambiance that is laid back and comfortable. The waves occasionally grow rather large, which is one of the reasons why surfers flock to this beach in such large numbers. There are a lot of cute little cafés and eateries all along the beach that serve delectable fresh seafood. After the sun goes down, the restaurants move their seafood grills onto the beach, where they set up tables and chairs, light candles and lanterns, and serve the food.

The rock formation known as Parrot Rock can be seen at Mirissa Beach, which is actually a small island that is connected to the main beach by a bridge. Climbing up the rock to gain a better look at Mirissa Beach is a ton of fun and rewards you with a breathtaking panorama. It is a wonderful experience, especially in the afternoon, to come here and watch the sunset from this vantage point. Scuba diving and whale watching are two other activities that are quite well-liked in the Mirissa area. The clean, quiet waters of Mirissa beach, together with the vibrant coral reefs that run parallel to the shoreline of the beach, provide for an ideal location for scuba diving and snorkeling activities of all kinds.

6. Uppuveli Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Uppuveli Beach

The Uppuveli beach area is the most popular beach destination in the Trincomalee town region. This beach can be found on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The water is crystal pure, and there are no waves to be found on this stretch of beach. Along this stretch of beach, there are a number of beach resorts as well as eateries. The majority of visitors stay within a short distance of Uppuveli beach, which contributes to its status as a lively but also occasionally touristy location. There are a couple of restaurants and beach bars that are both delicious and entertaining to visit.

Instructions On How To Travel To The Beach At Uppuveli.

If you are staying in Trincomalee town, it will not be difficult for you to walk to Uppuveli beach. Although renting a scooter is the ideal method to get around in Trincomalee and see the surrounding areas, walking is also an option. The cost to hire a scooter is approximately 1,500 LKR each day, but it is well worth the investment considering how quickly the cost of multiple short excursions in a TukTuk adds up.

7. Marble Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka -Marble Beach

One of the most stunning beaches in the Trincomalee area is Marble beach, which is often referred to as Marble Bay. Due to the fact that it is situated 17 kilometers outside of Trincomalee, not many people are familiar with this location. At the far northern tip of the Marble beach cove is where you’ll find a resort and restaurant that are both operated by the Sri Lankan air force. Spend your time towards the south end of the beach, where the water is a gorgeous shade of emerald, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there. Marble beach is, in our opinion, up there with the very greatest beaches in Sri Lanka.

Instructions On How To Travel To Marble Beach.

Marble beach may be found 17 kilometers south of Trincomalee on the island of Sri Lanka. From Trincomalee town to Marble beach, you can take a Tuk Tuk for a cost of a thousand Sri Lankan Rupees if you do not wish to rent a motorcycle. There is a turn-off on the left hand side that is clearly marked just before you reach the Kinniya bridge. To get to the enormous parking lot at Marble beach, you will have to navigate a route that is somewhat small. At the beginning of the beach area, there is a naval checkpoint where you will be required to buy a ticket in order to continue into the beach area. However, if you state that you would be having lunch at the restaurant, there is a possibility that you will be allowed to pass through without having to pay the entrance fee.

8. Nilaveli Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Nilaveli Beach

The beach known as Nilaveli can be found on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, in the little beach town that is located just near to Trincomalee. This beach is less crowded and more intimate than its more popular sibling, Uppuveli Beach, which is the primary beach in Trincomalee. On the weekends, people from all over the country congregate at this location to enjoy Nilaveli beach because of its stunningly gorgeous and expansive golden beaches. This beach has a few restaurants and sunbeds, but in general it caters to the local community and has a laid-back atmosphere. The waters of the Indian Ocean are known for their tranquility and exceptional clarity. Perfect for unwinding after a long day! Snorkeling in the Pigeon Island National Park is another enjoyable activity that can be reached quickly and simply from this beach.

Instructions On How To Travel To The Nilaveli Beach.

If you have rented a scooter in Trincomalee, the easiest and most convenient method to travel to the beach is on the scooter, which also frees up your time to explore other parts of the city. If you don’t know how to drive a scooter, though, you can simply ask a TukTuk driver in Trincomalee town to drop you off at the beach for about 400 Rupee. The primary town of Trincomalee can be reached by car in just ten minutes.

9. Unawatuna Beach.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Unawatuna Beach

One of the most well-known beaches in all of Sri Lanka is called Unawatuna Beach. The stunning beach, which is shaped like a banana and has golden sand and water that is blue, is encircled by palm trees that are green. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water sports while at Unawatuna Beach, in addition to renting one of the sunbeds that have been laid out there. You can take a walk over to the Japanese Peace Pagoda statue that is located on the beach’s western end and see the view of the gorgeous Indian ocean from there. The center of Unawatuna, which is where you will find trendy cafes and restaurants, is extremely well connected to Unawatuna beach, so getting there is not difficult.

10. Arugam Bay.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Arugam Bay beach

The crescent-shaped bay known as Arugam Bay may be found on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Because it is home to a fantastic point break, Arugam Bay is well-known throughout the world for having excellent waves for surfing. In spite of the fact that Arugam Bay plays host to an annual international surfing tournament, in recent years an increasing number of tourists, including families, have been making their way to this breathtaking beach while on vacation in Sri Lanka. Due to the presence of a coral reef at Arugam Bay, which is home to a plethora of colorful fish, this area is renowned as a fantastic destination for snorkeling.

11. The Beach At Tangalle.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka - Tangalle beach

On the southern coast of Sri Lanka, there is a beach that is a little bit out of the way called Tangalle beach. It is one of those beaches in Sri Lanka that is tailor-made for individuals who are looking for tranquility and peace. There are not a lot of people at this beach because it is a little bit difficult to get there. Tangalle beach may be a little out of the way on the typical itinerary for Sri Lanka, but it is definitely not to be missed! There are no beach bars on Tangalle beach, and there are just a few resorts that can be seen along the coast.

If you are thinking about going during the months of September or October, you need to be aware that the current and the waves will make swimming quite hazardous during those months. There is no lifeguard on duty right now, so watch your step!

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